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Eric and I applied for EQIP's Organic Initiative grant program last spring, 2008.  Low and behold we ranked high with the program criteria and were awarded a grant for 2009.  For those of you not familiar with EQIP it is a program that The US Dept. of Agriculture's Natural Resource Conservation Service oversees to help facilitate conservation of wetlands and highly erodible lands.  The EQIP grant we were awarded asks us to implement specified rotational grazing practices on our farm.  It also pays us to install high tensile fencing and water pipelines, construct watering facilities operated by pumps, and utilize our livestock waste according to nutrient management guidelines.  We are a small farm that sits alongside the Buffalo Creek in South Wales, NY, and I believe that because most of our acreage classifies as a wetland, we were awarded the grant.  Thus, being small does not automatically disqualify farmers for government grants, there are opportunities out there to get you started.